Pinnacle Heating and Air works with homeowner/contractor/architect to design a comprehensive mechanical plan to ensure an efficient and effective HVAC system for residential or commercial properties

Value Engineering
Provide and alternative design to your plan and spec project in order to reduce labor and/or materials cost.

Most residential remodel and new home plans do not have mechanical or HVAC plans. A mechanical plans provided by a mechanical engineer will cost serval thousands of dollars. And since most building departments do not require them for an approved set of plans, it is a good place to save money. But how does the HVAC system get installed? The mechanical contractor provides the design based on code requirements and the homeowner’s criteria. Once the options have been priced and the design has been approved, the mechanical contractor installs the system.

When Pinnacle Heating and Air is awarded the project, the design/build service fee is waived. Blueprint or CAD plans are not included. But can be provided for an additional fee.

As for Value Engineering, Plan and spec projects usually have mechanical plans provided. Often the mechanical engineer will specify equipment and materials which they are most familiar with… Not necessarily the most cost effective. We can source comparable equipment and materials from a myriad of vendors to reduce cost. We will find comparable products which reduce labor time and cost.

Sometimes the installed cost of a HVAC system design is not projected correctly once the engineering process starts. Installation difficulty can substantially raise projected labor costs, equipment and material prices are not known till the bid process, whatever the reason, the price to install the designed system is simply too much. We will work with the owner and engineer to provide a solution which satisfies the design criteria and the budget.

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